Pixelated Conversations Pays $L for Stories!

Pixelated Conversations Pays $L for Stories!

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We are looking for your story!

Pixelated Conversations is back for our second season and we are looking for your stories. We pay 500$L per story and you CAN remain anonymous. The stories are done via a secure voice mail system, and again you choose to share what you wish, if we choose your story then you will be compensated the day your story airs! This is your chance to share your opinions on various things on SL, and get some coin for doing so!

Season Two Story

Share your stories on being cheated on or cheating on folks on SL!

Share your opinion on which is a better virtual game and social platform, Second Life or IMVU!

The Game was purchased by new owners, what do you know about them? What do you think about them?

Tell us your favorite SL story! We would love to hear funny tales from all over the grid!

Get Paid and Add Your Story!

Fill out the form below and someone will email you the link to where you can record your story either via computer or mobile technology, if your story will be used you will be notified and payment will be sent in-world!