Life Is Good Cover

Life Is Good – Neo Journal Update

Life Is Going Good!

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve told yall what’s been going on in my second life. I am excited that my night club is almost ready to open. Unlike Discoteca Overlord I have been taking my time with the launching of this business. We wanted to pack out our weekend schedule and I think that we have enough staff to get it done. I got a great team behind me, Terri, Adori and my daughter Sadie have been a great support to me.

I miss my life!

I like my house in Evanna but miss my wife who is still staying in Tiguan Fiji wrapping up business at our island estate there. I love Harleigh and miss her so much but I’m glad to have my daughter Egypt here with me. She is growing into such a beautiful young lady!

Life is Good So We Cook Mexican Food! And we aint even Mexican!

My brother Gabriel is launching a restaurant in Coastal Heights and I look forward to helping him with that venture. I fly back and forth to Coastal every other day to help him get the restaurant ready. He’s also back to serving as a Deacon in Vision Church under Pastor Mullin’s which makes me very happy for him…

Can You Handle the Pack?

Life Is Good - Totem Outlaws Drop Off
Me Making a Drop Off of Cash To The Safe House of the Totem Outlaws

The Totem Outlaws are gaining members almost daily it seems. The originals are filled out and now folks are coming starting as Hangarounds and we have two prospects one being my son Jay who has a lot of potential. We’re organizing a paintball tournament for MC’s which should be tons of fun. 

In Conclusion I Have To Say Life Is Good!

Life Is Good - Hacienda Eva Shot
My Bro’s Rashaad and Gabriel at Gabriel’s New Restaurant

All in all, I have to say that life is good. I hope that you’re staying safe in these turbulent times and I hope to see you out at the launching of my night club and the Hacienda Eva Restaurant! God Bless All of You and we the Avondre clan send our love!