Running A Music Venue

Running a Music Venue on SL

Running a Night Club Again?

Your running a club again? I know that many of you are asking this question of me. The answer is yes, I plan to open my nightclub on the 5th of September and I am ecstatic! Why on earth would you put yourself through that torture many people ask me. Well to be simple, I miss it. It was alot of fun and I really enjoyed it. It was alot of stress, and a lot of people like to say that they are a drama free club, but no club is absolutely drama free.

I wanna Do What I Want

Well the main reason for me running a new venue is being able to spin what I want. Breaking into “Black” clubs is so hard even though I’m strongest at Hip Hop and R&B and I’m tired of playing what other club owners desire of me. I dont know much about rock, etc. So starting the Imagination Warehouse gives me a chance to play what I like.

Avoiding the Stress of Running a Club

Well running a club can be stressful. I think I’ve hired the right managers who should take alot of weight off of me. I’ve begun quitting other clubs so I can focus full time on mines, and I think that this will be a great business. I invite you all to stop by on the 5th and check me out!

Other Fun Stuff

The Motorcycle club I’ve started has started building some alliances. Though I am sad that I am super active and most people are mildly active. I think this time of year has alot to do with it! But we have a entire sim and our track is straight fire, so I invite yall to come check us out! We will be launching our site later this week, so please make sure you check us out! Porto Principe is doing VERY well and I’m excited for our future! I’ll see yall next week! Read up on SL’s new owners and it’s new future!