How To Throw The Best SL Party Title

How To Throw The Best SL Party

Does Everyone Love to Party?

Hey what’s going on everybody Neo Avondre here and I want to talk about how to plan the most epic party. In my experience on Second Life I had throw several parties! Anytime you run a nightclub or family or social organization on Second Life need to know how to do events. So let’s get into some of the things I’ve learned from bitter tears.

How to Throw A Party

1. Plan your party with time in advance! One of the things that I hate doing is throwing a party with little notice in advance. You can’t promote it and get people to it, and is just inviting more stress for you. Two weeks or more schedule I like to put forth when doing a party.

2. Hire talent whenever possible. Everyone usually wants to do things themselves but it is inviting more stress when you do it that way. There are people on Second Life and make a living by planning events. Also I cannot stress how important it is to have DJs or live singers at your events. This helps to entertain your guests leaving you free to handle any problems, or socialize yourself.

3. Be creative. If there is so many parties with the same theme happening on Second Life I am less likely to attend. The truly creative events of the ones that I attend and remember. Being creative allows you to build a reputation, which helps you in the future any time you wish to hold events.

4. Have fun! I think so often we have parties we forget to have fun ourselves. And this can cause you to dread doing parties, or not have fun at your parties.

5. Promotion promotion promotion! You must get the word out ahead of time and often if you wish to get the max amount of people attending your event a party. Begin promoting at least a week out in order to get the right back. I tend to remind people a week out, three days help, and day before or day of.

In conclusion

I hope you enjoyed the information that I put forward about having parties OR events on Second Life. Please let us know what evidence you’re having, and you might see Neo pop up at some! I joined Second Life for the social aspect, and there’s no better way to be social than parties and events.

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