Male Mesh Bodies and Me Title

Male Mesh Bodies and Me

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With one on everybody I want to begin this blog post by talking about some of my favorite male mesh bodies on Second Life. My all favorite is signature Gianni. The reason for this being my favorite is because there are so many designers that make clothing for them.

However I have tried them all and today I will talk about the good and bad that I have found in each one. The first thing that I want to say is that this is my opinion, it should be taken that way.

Signature Gianni

Signature Gianni became my favorite after a long time of using slink. I used slink because I was told that they were so cheap clothing for them. And to me they are a good starter body to use. However, I began finding that they did not have as many clothes as I thought

The Legacy Project

The legacy project has great bodies and I really love the fact that you can save alpha cuts with an unlimited number. One of the things I always run into is using up all my alpha slots. This body alleviated that fact. However, I did not like the overall build of this body. I do not prefer to play with muscular avatars. The core shape was too big for me.

Belezza Jake Mesh Body

The next bodies that I will talk about is Belezza Jake. I like this body and I use this for alt account that I have. There is reasonable amount of clothes for it, and the support I have gotten has been amazing. This is one that I would suggest in between slink and signature. The number of alpha cuts is a little disappointing but most bodies you must deal with that. Being the clothes whore, this body does not disappoint.

The Signature Gianni Mesh Body

And lastly talk about signature Gianni. The signature body is my go-to body right now. The amount of clothes on it is amazing and the number of things that designers work on for it are amazing. My stray dog skin works perfectly with the body, and the neck fix was flawless the downside with this body to me is the lack of alpha cuts again. I like the legacy body because I can make an alpha cut save for each outfit. However, the lack of cuts is not enough to keep me away.

In Conclusion

Each male mesh body has advantages and disadvantages. What you like or prefer is an individual preference. Some like bodies because of the shapes that come with them, others like bodies because the designers. No matter what your reasoning is I would check out different bodies if you can afford it. No matter what I feel that Second Life is making amazing strides with the male mesh bodies. I have not been paid by any body and I bought each body with my own Linden!

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