Feeling Lonely In A Room Full of People Title

Feeling Lonely In A Room Full Of People

Am I The Only One Who Feel’s Lonely Sometimes?

I don’t know about you but I feel its very easy to feel lonely in a room full of people sometimes. I especially can feel this way sometimes on Second Life. I think we can get into anti social funks and moods even when we are on a social game like Second Life. Life is hard sometimes and with this COVID-19 I feel we are on Second Life more than normally. That is not necessarily a bad thing, however sometimes it’s easy to get distant from other people.

How Do We Overcome These Feelings?

Lately in real life I have been educating myself on how to become a better life coach. Some of the thing’s I have been learning have been to seperate real thoughts and bad thoughts. Alot of what we think about are negative things that are not really us. We can even get in dangerous situations where we begin thinking that other people are thinking things towards us that they are not really thinking or sure. We need to break free of these ways of thinking!

We Can Overcome Our Feelings of Being Lonely

It’s a hard time right now in the world. We are exhorted to be #alone-together. We can use Second Life as a way to be social with one another. I would challenge you guys to try some new stuff. I started deejaying at this new place called Neko Legends because of my desire to DJ Hip Hop and R&B. My original club where I work at, Unknown Music Club is a rock club and while I love it, I am a B-Boy at heart. So I started deejaying there and the Neko scene is kinda cool. I let loose and even wear ears and a tail when I DJ here. Its an example of me trying new stuff and meeting new people! Guys I would challenge you guys to take the next few weeks to try some new stuff and you won’t be as lonely!

New Season, New Content!

We are taking the next two weeks off to tune up the blog and get ready for the new content. We will be back with a vengeance come August and we hope that you stay tuned! We will have a new season of our VLOG and Podcast as well, so we will be stoked to roll out tons of new content! We look forward to August and hope you guys are having a rocking summer!