Changing The Format Of The Blog

Changing The Format of the Blog!

Excited For The Future Format

Working on a new format! I am working on changing the way that I blog on this website! I hope to instead of feeling the pressure of posting two lackluster posts, of doing one great post a week! I have been shifting my interest around from writing to media content creation, and that was reflected last week and you should see all that awesome content here.

Less Writing, More Video!

I will no longer be posting on Wednesdays (I know I can hear the sighs now). I will focus on one great post on Saturday where I talk about very real issues that are related to Second Life. With me starting school in real life and having to take that very seriously, I need to be able to streamline what I plan on doing. I will continue to do my blog on Saturdays and my Podcast (Pixelated Conversations) each week as well as my vlog.

What’s Been Shakin Neo?

So over the past few weeks I have been working on evaluating my purpose in life. As you have seen I have been in and out of the hospital over some serious health issues. These things have allowed me to refocus myself and what I am doing with my life. It has even helped me reflect on what is important to me in Second Life.

Not only will the format of this blog change but how I move and operate on Second Life will change as well. I plan on doing tons of media because it is something i’m passionate about. I started a new deejay gig at an awesome new club called The Unknown Music Club, not exactly my favorite genre of music (rock) but this place is wonderful and I recommend EVERYONE check it out. I will also be using what I’m learning in RL on SL to help folks by doing free life coaching sessions as I am completing my professional certification as a life coach.

I Think You Will Like The New Format

I am also going to have more time to focus on my radio stations. I am even going to launch a new rock and country station! I am excited to add music to all my stations and work on procuring advertising partners. If you have a business in Second Life and want cheap promotion please contact me at