How To Be A Mack Title

How To Be A Mack

Why talk about how to be a Mack?

Mack: 1. a confident, successful man who has many sexual partners.

noun: mack; plural noun: macks

Definition of Mack from Oxford Dictionary

Why talk about becoming a mack? Why on earth would i talk about having many sexual partners? Well I want you to forget the last part of the definition because I’m not here to teach you how to get virtual tail. I want to talk about being a confident successful man. There are many guys on Second Life who are there because they want to find companionship. Whether it’s from another man or a woman, friends, or a love. We all come to Second Life for different reasons and have different desires. However, unless we are on SL to just cause problems or grief, we all want to be social in some aspects.

Why be a Mack on Second Life?

So how does someone who may be awkward in real life become a social butterfly on Second Life? The first thing I want you to remember is probably the most obvious and that is people are not seeing you. Now, that’s a messed up thing to say Neo, I know. But people are staring at an avatar, they are not staring at you for all of the good attributes and negative ones that you have. You can truly be whoever you want to be on Second Life. So take time to care about your avatar, Mesh Bodies are a MUST to me. Great hair and skin also help. I also will stress clothing, don’t buy a bunch of trash because it’s cheap, it’s better to have three outfits that look amazing than thirty that is shoddy.

Make Your Second Life What You Want it To Be

The next thing I want you to remember is that this is a new life. You can start day one making it whatever you want to be. No matter what it will take work. I remember when I first joined I wanted to deejay so bad but I did not know anything about online deejaying. I had deejayed at some parties here locally but I had no skills. I had to take time to learn how to become a DJ. I actually took a DJ class from Kieran Broadmoor on how to deejay. I had to learn how to set up SAM, how to build, and catalog a music library.

You Wont Become a Mack Overnight

It did not end there, I had to learn how to find out what the crowd was feeling musically and not. Working at one club I had to learn how to find instrumentals I could use to speak over so folks could hear my actual tracks without my voice. These things helped me become a better DJ. I say all that to say this. No matter what you want to become on SL, don’t expect to be it day one. Now I will tell you to LIVE AS IF you were it already because you will speak it into existence. But to actually get there will take work.

In Conclusion

The last tip for this week on how to mack, remember that rejection is virtual. They are rejecting your avatar which still does hurt I admit. However, they are not rejecting the real you. Learning this will give you a freedom that you can not believe. You miss 100% of the shots you do not shoot, even Shaq made some free throws sometimes. So get in the game, shoot your shot! I hope you keep it locked and check us out next Wednesday as we will have more tips on how to become that successful confident man you want to be on Second Life!

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