Farming with beYou Title

Farming with beYou

Hello there farmer! Welcome to the farm!

Today I wanted to share al little about a way to make money that many people don’t know about. beYou is an amazing role play enhancement hud that allows you to do things such as cook, create, and more. It to me helps make Second Life a game, not just a social construct. For more information on beYou and my thoughts on it check out my post from last week and also my vlog. However, I wanted to get into one way you can use beYou to make money on Second Life.

beYou Economy and Farming

beYou has its own economy which is very unique. On beYou, there are things that your character needs such as food to live, water, cleaning supplies, etc. Most things can be crafted or made by players in-game. I love how unique beYou is because of the fact that it starts from the farm, the farmer grows the crops. Then you can either use the crop yourself and prepare food in your kitchen or you can sell the crop and make linden. Then a person whether a home cook or someone selling meals can take your crop, make the food and that food than can be sold which is consumed to keep the player alive and the process starts over.

Time to start farming!

To farm, you need to purchase farm plots from the beYou farming store. You can purchase starter kits for farmers but i prefer just buying the plots themselves. The water and other things you need for them you can get separately. Once you have plots you will need to also buy seed from the store. There are many types of flowers and vegetables you can grow, and they are broken down by season. If you grow things that are in season they grow faster, however its usually the out of season things in demand. Once you got seed and plots, next you will need a piece of land where you can grow. As a premium member, I have a piece of mainland that I use, mainland works just fine to start.

In Conclusion

You will then need to plant the seeds on your plots. Once the seeds are planted you will have to keep up with watering them. I usually check twice a day however once a day should suffice. You will go through animations of preparing the land, planting, and watering. You will need to water the plants for them to grow. Now there are other things like fertilizer that can help but I found you can do stuff without them.

You next would sell the products via a farmers market that are all over Second Life or you can make the products into food and have a higher profit because of making food ready to eat. I hope you are able to find as much joy in beYou and gaming as I find! I hope to see you on the grid soon farmer!!!

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