Women and How I Value Them

How I Value Women!

Women and How I Value Them

Today is Women’s day in the Grand Principality of Porto del Principe. I am excited for a full day of music and celebrating women! Women have been a huge part of my life all my life. I was not the coolest kid, hard to believe I Know I Know (I am just kidding). But I was not a cool kid, and so my male members of the family did not hang out with me very much. I am grateful for my great auntie who raised me. She saved my life many times and was the pillar of our family. She may not have been liked very much by the entire family, but she was the pillar.

An Auntie’s Boy!

I had aunts like my aunt who is an Evangelist who I loved doing shopping with. Not because she always hooked her nephew up, but because we had fun just laughing and talking. I would later work with her on her nonprofit and would learn so very much. I look at my mother now who I have just developed a relationship with over the past recent decade.

My Mother One of the Strongest Women I Know

My mother is someone who must battle developmental disabilities. She lives an amazingly simple life. I am humbled by the joy that she has most days. She has health battles that she must fight and face. However, most times when I see her, she is happy, full of life and full of joy. She is a church going woman who loves God. She may not be able to read the Bible because of her mental disability but she is a praiser and a prayer warrior. I know that her prayers have healed me. I know her prayers and praise have kept me while I was out doing dirt. I LOVE my mother and I honor her. My father has gone on across the veil, but while I have my mother I will respect, love, and revere her!

My Wife is my world! I love her so very much!

The last woman I will discuss is my wife. She is both my real-life wife and my wife/partner on Second Life. I love my wife because of who she is. She is a gentle soul, precious to our God. Sometimes my tongue can talk so slick and hurt so much and I always find myself having to apologize and asking her forgiveness. She supports every dream of mine and sometimes I can be a hopeless dreamer. She backs all my business decisions, and when I am going through tough parts in life she is there to support.

In Conclusion

When life goes to hell, she can make the bad stuff go away by words or by a simple scratch on the back. She makes life so much more enjoyable! She is my ride or die and even on SL even though she crazy she is mine! I love it! Excited for our future years and growing old together!