Perils of Owning an SL Night Club Hustle Title

Perils of Owning an SL Night Club Hustle

So for those who may not have heard I opened my nightclub Discoteca Overlord this past Saturday in Porto del Principe. I love having my own club for the simple purposes that I play Second Life for the business and music aspect and this combines both. However, I must say that there is a sharp learning curve for those thinking of this business model.

Make Sure Your Hustle Game is Strong

One of the things that I have to say is that a lot of work goes into doing this. I first and foremost have to suggest that you are only as good as the team you have around you. I have an awesome team and that’s why we clocked over 100 people at our grand opening and at least 20 people a day whichever day we are open. But it did take loads of work. Took time to get the club decorated like I wanted, took time to put that team around me in place, time to spam and advertise, it took ALOT of work. If you are lazy this hustle is not for you.

Make Sure You Have a Creative Money Plan

You’re not going to get started with this and make money out the gate. It takes time. You need to have money to invest in this. Paying staff, tipping others, paying traffic strategies like Lindo or Voodoo Xploders, all of this takes money. But also be creative about how you want to get your money back. My club is a ploy to bring people to Porto Principe which I hope people start renting and living here and then that helps pay for the club ya dig?

Thankless and a Tipless Hustle

As a DJ before i owned my club I used to pull down a thousand a set why because I think I was good, not that I want to toot my own horn. But even now that I’m live mixing which is a HUGE commodity in SL, I’m still making ZERO a set. People don’t tip Club Owners, you’re assumed to be balling when sometimes you have to DJ or Host to keep your spot open and folks don’t understand. My team gives me tons of thanks and appreciation which are enough but don’t expect tips EVER again no matter how good if you own a club.

I Love It!

Has it been easy? Hecks no! But it has been fun! I would not trade this business for another. Now is it for everyone? No! But if you have the bug, intelligence, hustle, and tenacity to last then this business can be rewarding in more ways than one! I hope you enjoyed this short lesson in Business Ownership on Second Life!