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Every Day I Hustle

The Hustle Is Real

5:00 A.M.

Waking up from a deep sleep to the alarm he smiles as he hits the button to turn it off. Today was the day he was opening Discoteca Overlord, it was a long time coming. He checks his phone and see’s the message from his assistant and daughter Sadie and nods. He then steps to the shower ready to begin his day.

The water was hot just at the temperature he liked. He looks out the window at the Duchy of Yakov and smiles. The land where he ruled at Grand Prince was starting to become immense. The Duchy of Lassaria was a trouble spot but things were looking better. Stefon was getting on the ball as far as development there, so he was happy about that. Soon he would invest someone as the Duke or Duchess of Yakov but until then his little brother was doing an okay job.

Don’t Knock The Hustle

Neo wears many hats, one as the Grand Prince of Porto del Principe which was the hat he felt he was born for. He also wore the hat as a business owner, real estate developer, father, friend, husband, and more. Today he was focused on the night club it was time to catch his helicopter to Port Hope where DIscoteca Overlord was located and get to work, the club would be opening at noon.

Entering his vast closet he dresses in business casual attire, saving the bomb outfit for tonight. He checks himself in the mirror and moves back into his bedroom kissing his wife’s forehead he moves out of the room grabbing his phone, tablet and computer bag. Walking up to the helo deck he waves to Godfrey his pilot and gets in. The helecopter rises and enters into the air. Soon its off to Port Hope, it was time to go to work, it was time to build his dream.

Come Out Tonight For A Fun Time!

I invite everyone to come out to the grand opening of Discoteca Overlord. We are going to have contests for every set and prizes all through the day! The only way to win is to be there! We hope to see you tonight! Check out my article from earlier this week its straight flames as well!