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Knocked Down But We Get Up

The Messiah is risen, Hallelujah!

The Tomb Is Empty, Could Not Contain the King of Judah.

Peter thought he was strong, he had leadership skill.

But when the test came, fear showed up in him still.

Thrice the man known as Cephas denied the Christ.

Afraid and scared He could not make the Sacrifice.

Torn and dejected the savior went.

Physical, Mental and Spiritual hardship, alone he relent.

On the third day, God clothed him, Crowned Him King of Glory.

He’s not dead but risen, the cross was not the end of story.

When the disciples found solace in thier risen Lord.

Like Lions they went to tell the word!

No longer scared Cephas became the Rock. He died on his own cross, since then fear he let never stop!

Alleliua the King is Risen. No more Pups, but Lions with purpose a new commission!

“From Pups to Lions” a Sonnet by Neo Pechman

Some Out of Character Serious Notes

Don’t stay down get back up! Hello Friends and those who will read this blog. Last week I faltered and failed as a man. I let my new family down because they looked to me for spiritual guidance and I was in a very dark place. For those who do not know I have Heart Failure, Kidney Failure, Endocrine System Failure, Diabetes, and more. I found out that my Kidney failure had progressed worse even though I staved it off for years vis diet and exercise, it still had to succumb as this body is not perfect.

I got angry and I cursed God. To any who saw this display of a lack of faith, I sincerely apologize. I was at my weakest and I failed the test. But I have learned the lesson from the test. My computer died on Friday night and so because of that I won’t be vlogging for at least a week. We hope that with money coming this week that we can replace the computer and be back vlogging and doing all the things I love. Keep me in prayer as I will keep you in prayer. The Lord has risen, and because he has risen so will you and I. Because he has risen we can be like the early disciples of Christ and spread his gospel far and wide. Because he is risen we will see God! – Kenny the Player behind Neo

P.S. I will reflect some of my struggle through my roleplay post below and roleplay on the grid.

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The Tomb Is Empty!

Up and Down This Week

Dear Journal,

This week has been a week from hell. I worked hard all this week at Infinite Possibilities and I feel I’ve done pretty well. However, staff issues seem to still be a concern and I hope we can resolve them soon. I bought a piece of land and started developing the homes on it. Look out Hollywood you have nothing on us! Isla Verde is a paradise, even me and Harleigh have a vacation spot there. We cant wait to entertain our guests and friends!

My real estate projects on the mainland have slowed down a bit due to a lack of motivation. I am not an interior decorator, I’m a businessman. But one of my Fraternity sisters is a very well known and famous interior decorator, looking forward to meeting with her and her assistant to get that project done.

Go Shawty, It’s Your Rez Day!

Me In Front Of One of My New Rental Villas!

It’s my rez day this week and to be honest, I’m not sure how I feel. Harleigh got me this sick costume for my birthday party at the club, which should be a lot of fun. Speaking of the better half, she has been shining as a host over at Infinite Possibilities. I did not know she had those skills in her, she surprises me every day and my love for her is so burning and so bright. I’m so happy to call her my partner and my wife.

Since it’s my Rez Day (and RL birthday) this week I’m going to take it easy. I still will be grinding but I am going to make sure I take some time and enjoy the grid this week. Going to do a few hours road trip on the mainland to see some sights and just drive. I got some new whips I’ve been itching to push. Maybe even take a sea trip from my linden boathouse to the sea or do some GTFO runs just for fun on my boat. It’s my rez day and I’m going to enjoy life!



In Conclusion, If your Knocked Down Get Back Up!

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Don’t Stay Knocked Down!

OOC: Guys I want to thank you all for your prayers and support. This Blog is still very new, but we hope to develop a strong reputation as a reputable source of news and entertainment for years to come. Wednesday you will get an SL blog post on my favorite SL Destinations! However Saturday there will be no VLOG (because of the computer issue) and no post because it is my RL birthday! But we will be taping our podcast this week on SL Drama, and we hope you can tune in via our show page here and also call in and share your opinions live on the air! Thanks for everything guys! – Kenny

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