I Wish I Wish I Wish blog title

I wish.. I Wish..

I wish that I could hold you now

I wish that I could touch you now

I wish that I could talk to you

Be with you somehow

I know you’re in a better place

Even though I can’t see your face

I know you’re smiling down on me

Saying everything’s okay

And if I make it out this thug life

I’ll see you again someday

I wish, I wish, I wish

I wish, I wish, I wish

R. Kelly – “I wish”

Days Like This I Wish

My sister was just married and I loved it. Being a minister in the grid has allowed me to be a part of two special wedding ceremonies. As I stand here I can’t help but think of my wife. She is always busy and gone for work, I miss her so much and my heart aches for her. Sometimes I feel all alone on the grid, like It’s me against the world. I look at my sister and my new brother in law and smile, the power couple they are is amazing. I know I am Jay Z and got that on lock, where is my Queen Beyonce?

The Hustle Cant Stop.. I wish!

Gotta stay on my grizzle (Grind for the non-street literate). I have ideas that seem to pour out of my head. I’m a hustler at heart, and I now have two Gacha stores on the grid. Having to learn new tech has been a challenge, but I’ve been doing it. I’m launching my new radio stream company which I’m extremely proud of, and also now launching a motivational lecture company.

Be Thankful For Who You Have!

I wish my sister and new bro in law tons of happiness. If you find love on the grid hold on to it. You are lucky and beyond blessed! I know that I am loved. My wife is there, she just has alot on her plate. Loving her in the lean times is the hallmark of a true marriage, and I’m grateful for Harleigh. I encourage you all to build what you have. If my journal can provide any insight do not take love for granted. I hope you each can enjoy the warmth of virtual love as we shelter in place because of Corona Virus.

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