Trap Back Jumpin - DJ Neo

Back Jumpin

“Ain’t not one of ya’ll niggaz bigga than me

Can’t none of ya’ll take this city from me.

Take years off and I’m still Tight

I half-ass and they still like it.

Kick trap shit when I feel like it.

Dope boys know what I live Like.

T.I. – Trap Back Jumpin

I’m About To Get This Back Jumpin


It was time to get back! Waking in this lonely house by myself is tough, tough as hell. Thinking about my life was even tougher. I had my goals and knew where I wanted to go in life, but it seems that everyone is only out to get theirs maybe it was time I be the same way. Yawning and stretching I slide my feet into my loafers on the side of my bed and turn on the nightstand light. It was before the sun was up, most people were suckers and waited to make stuff happen, Neo was not one of those guys.

Music was a passion of his, it was life. He placed on his headphones and cranked up his work playlist as high as possible as he hit the beYou yoga mat to get his workout on. Holistic awareness was important to him, the body was a complete temple and you had to work to keep it all together. Moving in Eastern Indian poses he exhales out the negative crap going on around him and breathes in the positive energies of life in this grid.

Tales of a Pretty Thug

Moving to the showers he takes a quick bathe to get clean from the mustiness that he developed during his workout. His tattoos shining with the soap he smiles as he looks at the face of the Lord on his chest with the idea for a new tattoo that would say “God Got’s Me” across his neck or back. Fresh and clean he steps into his closet and picks out some Bentleigh Jeans by Betrayal and a Betrayal shirt, red crock double B belt, and some special valentine red and white sneaks.

Fresh to def, he smiles as he tugs on a fitted ball cap and grabs his keys to head down to the local market to pick up some breakfast food. He was partnered and married yes but she was away a lot on business and so it felt like a bachelor, and not being the most skilled beYou cook, he would pay for not spending time behind the stove. Twisting through the streets he heads to the local market to pick up something premade for breakfast.

His HellFyre Family Brought Him Back!

He thinks about his family, the HellFyre family and some of the heads that turn when people hear his last name. He loved his family, and the name meant something to them. It symbolized each of them going through hell and the trials and fires of life and still standing. He would ride or die for them, not only had they given him a great start as a disc jockey and minister but they just generally had his back. He thought of his ministry and church, he was not sure if the grid was ready for what he wanted to bring to the table but he was going to bring it anyway,

Paying for his grocery goods he heads back to the car to go back home to get set up for breakfast. He had a radio show to tape that day at his private offices, gacha stock to collect, inventory and place in one of his two stores, as well as be ready for his deejay sets that evening. It was time to take over, it was time to grind.

Out of Character Blogger Notes


I am back as a blogger. Many folks doubt me and call me names saying I’m some sort of charlatan or scammer. But like everyone else on the planet real life hits and effects us all. Real life hit me and so my last blogging enterprise fell apart. I won’t apologize for being or getting sick, I am working hard to kick ass in real life and take names. So hate me or love me, I am what I am. I am here, and not going to be run off or intimidated. All I ask that you roll with me,

I will be posting mostly in character posts to this blog like this one, however sometimes I will post out of character things. Also, I will do vlogging on youtube and a podcast which is still under development. I will be networking and reaching out to businesses on the grid to help promote them as well as my business and marriage services. I look forward to providing you with dope content each week, support me by sharing posts and entering my contests, etc

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