Where Is My Motivation Title

Where Is My Motivation?

My Motivation is gone!

So as I sit here and begin my journal for the week I am deejaying at a night club known as A&J Night Club. It’s a nice spot, but I feel that there is a hole in my heart. I had to close down Discoteca Overlord because we just were not ready to have our own club. There is much that one must know before running a night club on the grid, and I learned my lesson. I love the music, I do not love the drama. But as I’m sitting here at this empty night club it causes me to wonder if I made the right move.

Stay Motivated No Matter The Cost!

I want to encourage everyone to be motivated in life. Also, I think when I had to close the doors to my night club it zapped my motivation. I felt so hurt that I had failed in a business venture that I did not want to do much else with my second life. I did not even want to hang out with others. This happens in life, thing’s are never always going to go our way. We will all face setbacks, what matters in life is how we take those setbacks. Do we take them lying down and hurt or do we fight for what we want? 

The Winning Secret In Life is Tenacity and Motivation

Even in this empty night club, I could easily walk away from what I’m doing. The owners not on, can’t login to the DJ Board (luckily i was able to change the sound in the land stream), and not even a member with powers in the host group, more than enough excuses. But I’m still here spinning and I even threw out my own Lindo Machine and my own Linden to get people in the club. Now I felt it was important to show them my never say die attitude, but also to get back on the horse. Now I feel I could leave this set even right now and not feel guilty because I gave it my own college try. 

In Conclusion

In conclusion, thing’s in Second Life or Real Life will never always go according to what you want. Disappointment is going to happen to us all no matter what we are doing or trying to accomplish. However, the important thing to remember in life is how you respond to it. I am back yall! Check out my podcast above and my vlog, more content is coming this week so keep it locked! Check out last week’s article here and be sure to check out our awesome sponsor of this week’s content by going here!