Keeping Your Head Up Title

Keeping Your Head Up

Keeping Your Head Up When You Feel Bad

Sitting down writing this I must admit that I feel horrible. I mean physical. We have all had to deal with our own fights physically, emotionally, and even spiritually over the past few weeks. It is so easy to give up on a dream when you don’t see things go your way.

It’s So Easy To Give Up

When our plans do not come to pass one of our first thoughts is to give up. If you do not think that way then I want to congratulate you on having a rare trait called tenacity. But many are like me and the temptation to give up seems so easy. I just hope maybe I can leave one thing for you.

When You Want to Give Up, It’s Easy To Lose Your Head

Do not give up on things so easily. I look at my own life and there is a time where I felt lime giving up. When things got rough the thought to throw on the towel is so easy. Even right now because of health issues I don’t feel like writing this article and it would be super easy to just say nope, I give up.

I want you to win!

But there is something I want. There is something I want for you. I want success for each and every one of you. Even success in things second life. I want your business to prevail. I want you to enjoy social success, I want your club to do as good as mine. 

In The End

But if your determined to quit every time things get rough then you will never accomplish anything on Second Life and real life. I want to encourage you the fight is not given to the mighty, nor the race to the swift but to those who endure. I pray you’re having an amazing weekend and enjoying life!!

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